Meeting Minutes – September, 2014

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Community Meeting Agenda

- PTO Welcome Message & Introductions

- Cub Scouts Information

Join night is tomorrow (9/10/14) 6:30-8:30pm in the art room. Need a large group of boys (grades 1-5) in order to break into dens. There will be some activities and refreshments. Parents are required to stay. Meetings are typically 1 – 1 ½ hours, once weekly. This is a volunteer program. Participants are not required to do anything. 2 camp outs during school year, probably one over the summer.   Many other events available throughout the year (Wolf Pack game, fire station field trip).

- Principal Melian

• Welcome Message – Goals for the year

Off to a pretty good start. Responsive classroom = approach to deal with climate of building. Ask your child(ren) about morning meetings. They should be consistent.

• Habits of Mind

This is exclusive to Smith. World is changing so rapidly that it is difficult to predict what our kids will do in the future, so focus will be on challenging each other and asking, “Why are we teaching this?” Example – creativity: it is very important in today’s world. Charge would be to figure out how creativity is being promoted every day for our children. This is very well connected with Common Core Standards. Expect to adopt 6-7 specific habits of mind by mid-year. Banners will be displayed to serve as reminders of what will be worked on. This approach will integrate our inquiry-based methods. Parent workshops will be available. This is not a cosmetic change – it will take time to incorporate.


Starting October 8. Parents: please get involved! If you’re interested/available, please speak with Mrs. Zajack. Currently have 13-14 courses planned. It is a great way to be involved.

- Kathy Miller (Phys. Ed.) & Becky Saraceno (Music)

• Smith STEM School Musical, November 10-14. Princess and the Pea. Children’s Stage Adventure will be here for that week, providing costumes, scenery, etc. They work with kids grades 4-5 for speaking roles, and 3rd graders can participate in the chorus. Workshops are offered for the younger students. This is occurring during conference week. Intense week, but final product is unbelievable! This will be an offering in the STEaM PM catalog. The kids who sign up will have opportunity to audition on Monday. Everyone who tries out gets a part (up to 50-ish kids). Afternoon performance and evening performance Friday of that week. Because it’s conference week, Mrs. Saraceno and Mrs. Miller are trying to do as much as possible on their own. However, will probably need some help from parents and/or PTO. STEaM PM budget pays for organization to come and provide this service. Requesting $400 for pizza, costumes for chorus, meal cards for the actors/actresses. Actors/actresses need housing for the week (possibly with a teacher). $400 would also contribute to thank you gift for that host. All children who want to participate must register through STEaM PM catalog. There are two copies of the story in the library for kids to familiarize themselves with it.

- Jenny Steadman

• Camp Jewell

3-day/2-night experience for 5th graders. Committee has come together to raise funds to try to fill the gap between the cost to families and the amount the school covers. Goal = $3500. 2 events:

1. Mini golf tournament (see flyer)

2. Smith student-faculty basketball game in early spring

There is a fundraising sign/box for anyone to drop extra change into to help.

Take-home fundraiser will occur in spring (Mixed Bag)

Please contact Jenny Steadman if you would like more information or would like to help in some way.

- Susan Kamin for Growing Great Schools

• Salad Bar – Wednesdays @ Smith. GGS hosts farmer’s markets, garden growing at schools, salad bars. Board of Ed and town have agreed to partner with GGS (see flyer). All snacks are free of artificial color/flavor; all meats are 100% meat. Allowing kids to purchase lunch occasionally will help back this program. New option this year: can sign up for text or email notification for menu choice each day. 11:20-12:20 and/or 12:20-1:20 are lunch times for anyone interested in volunteering. GGS also partners with West Hartford Relay.

- West Hartford Relay

September 27 at 8:15am. Teams of 4 children. Each child runs two laps around Blueback Square (not consecutively). Bonus: elementary school with most teams will receive monetary prize.

- Next Meeting: Thursday, October 9 — Community Topic: Pre-K & Kindergarten

Meetings will be less about PTO business and more about community.

Park Road Parade is October 18. Rehearsals will be scheduled.

Box Tops for Education Contest

Have you seen the new soccer goals?  Thank you to all students that collected Box Tops for Educations!  The soccer goals were purchased with the money from the Box Tops!  How cool is that!  I hope everyone has been clipping Box Tops during the summer because our first contest of the year starts on Friday September 12th.  Each classroom has a collection envelope – drop your Box Tops into the collection envelope and bring your baggie back home for collecting more. The class that collects the most Box Tops during this contest will win a special prize. The contest will end on September 26th. Keep on clipping!

Thank You,
Diane Baker

Smith Gathering: Harvest Country Store

HarvestJoin us on Monday after Sneak Peek at the Harvest Country Store. Grab an ice cream and catch up with friends as we head into the new year.

Harvest is located at 161 Oakwood Avenue just around the corner from Smith.

Between 12:00 and 3:00 pm we will receive a portion of the sales when you tell them you are from Smith!


Where: Harvest Country Store
When: 12:00 to 3:00 pm



Smith STEM Family Summer Gathering – Postpone to Thursday Aug 14th


Rain, rain, go away.

Don’t you know,

We have soccer to play?


The Smith Stem Family Soccer game has been postpone to our raindate.

Thursday 8/14


Smith’s field

Fingers crossed for blue skies and dry fields.





Come on out this Wednesday night for a friendly game of soccer.

 Meet new Smith families, connect with familiar faces, show off your soccer skills, have fun….

Smith STEM Family Summer Gatherings

Wednesday, 8/13     Soccer     6pm
(Rain date:  8/14)

At Smith STEM School Field
“Kids, bring your adults for a relaxing evening of fun and games!”
(Adults, wear your sneakers!)
Feel free to bring your dinner/dessert and blanket.
All children must be supervised by an adult.
Sponsored by Smith STEM School PTO.

Smith STEM Family Summer Gatherings

Mark your calendar for some more summer family fun.

Smith STEM Family Summer Gatherings

Wednesday, 8/13     Soccer     6pm
(Rain date:  8/14)

At Smith STEM School Field
“Kids, bring your adults for a relaxing evening of fun and games!”
(Adults, wear your sneakers!)
Feel free to bring your dinner/dessert and blanket.
All children must be supervised by an adult.
Sponsored by Smith STEM School PTO.

The Box Tops Contest Winner

Congratulations to Mrs. Callahan’s 1st grade class!! They are the winner of the last monthly Box Tops contest  AND the Year long contest too!!! The Class collected 832 Box Tops for the monthly contest.  Overall they collected the most Box tops for the school year with a total of 1767 Box Tops !!! Way to Go!!!  Be on the look out for your Popsicle party!! 2,933 Box Tops were turned in during the last contest.   Remember to keep on Clipping during the summer!

Have a great summer!

Farmer’s Market is Coming Smith Stem School, June 12th

Smith will be hosting a Farmers Market  
Thursday, June 12th
3:00 – 4:15pm
on the school blacktop

Rain or Shine

This event is intended to expose our children to a variety of local, healthy food, and food education as well as understanding the connections between food and environmental sustainability as a part of their everyday lives.

Please plan on stopping by to pick up some local goodies.
peas in pods
swiss chard

are some examples of offerings.

Help support your local farmers and school.